Image(s) of the Day: Military Nurses

by Abigail Pfeiffer on December 31, 2012

Military nurses play a pivotal role in war, yet sometimes their contributions in war tend to be overlooked. Today’s images of the day showcase two nurses who tended to wounded soldiers during the Vietnam War. Both images are from the National Archives. Many military nurses wrote their memoirs about their experiences in battlefield care, as well as nurses who were POWs. For further reading about this topic, below are several memoirs worth giving a read:

They Called Them Angels: American Military Nurses of World War II by Kathi Jackson.

Women at War: The Story of Fifty Military Nurses who Served in Vietnam (Studies in Health, Illness, and Caregiving) by Elizabeth Norman.

All This Hell: U.S. Nurses Imprisoned by the Japanese by Evelyn Monahan.

The caption for the image below on the National Archives site reads:”A Nurse tends to a patient just out of surgery in the intensive care ward of the hospital ship USS Repose, October, 1967.”

Nurse and Patient

The caption for the image below from the National Archives site reads: “Navy nurses check the medical chart of a Marine corporal aboard the hospital shit USS Repose of South Vietnam, April 22, 1966.”

Navy Nurses

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