New Documentary About Vietnam War MIA

by Abigail Pfeiffer on April 30, 2013

Today a new documentary concerning an American MIA soldier from the Vietnam War is being premiered at the “Hot Docs” film festival in Toronto. The film focuses on Special Forces Green Beret Master Sgt. John Robertson. Robertson was listed as KIA after being shot down in Laos in 1968 during a classified mission. The film follows Tom Faunce, a Vietnam Veteran, as he attempts to prove Robertson’s identity. Robertson allegedly does not speak English anymore and has lived in Vietnam for the last 44 years. After the film’s release in Toronto, it will be released to American audiences in Washington D.C.

The subject of American soldiers left behind in Vietnam and Korea has proven to be a provocative issue, one that is not easily proven or dis proven. There have been countless sightings of American soldiers in Vietnam, Korea, and the Soviet Union. I recently read a memoir, Long Road Home: Testimony of a North Korean Camp Survivor, in which the author indicated that he saw elderly American’s in the camp, which the reader can assume are POWs left behind during the Korean War.

Since this film is not yet released in the United States, I cannot comment on whether I believe that Robertson is actually Sgt. John Robertson. On one hand, it is hard to believe that the United States government knowingly left POWs behind, but it is possible that they did or they unknowingly left men behind who they presumed were KIA. The trailer for the film is below. Will you be watching?

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