About Me

I did my undergraduate studies at Northern Arizona University and I have a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities. In May of 2012 I finished my Master of Arts in Military History from Norwich University.  I am interested in military history of all periods of history but I am especially intrigued with 20th century American military history, especially POW history.


What I find extremely fascinating about military history is the human condition and war, the social and political factors that drive humans to the extreme of war, and the individual human experience of war. If you want to categorize me into a particular school of thought, I can be labeled as a War and Society historian.

I am a Professor of History at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona. I am the administrator of a Facebook page dedicated to the Vietnam War called Vietnam War History (if you’re on facebook become a fan!).  Follow me on Twitter @AbigailPfeiffer. Currently I am working on a book about Korean War POWs.

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